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Web Conferencing

What is it?

Web conferencing technology is used to conduct real-time meetings over the Internet.  Typically, attendees participate by downloading the conferencing application to their computer or by entering a URL or website meeting address in their browser.  Web collaboration is usually also made possible, whereby participants can share presentations and other content on their PC desktop.


Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is a whole suite of voice, web and video conferencing products that interface with such common interfaces as groupware clients, web browsers, PSTN and IP phones. The product enables:

  • Simple, yet powerful meeting management and control using common applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes
  • Document collaboration with anyone, from any location
  • Effective product demonstrations using compelling virtual meetings and presentations
  • Deliver on-demand or real-time training sessions from anywhere to anyone
  • Slide/whiteboard presentations with annotations
  • Live video via webcam or digital video camera
  • VoIP: real-time audio communication using the computer, headphones and speakers
  • Recordings for on-demand presentations
  • Polls and surveys
  • Screen/desktop/application sharing.
  • Training sessions

How it can help your business

With the right implementation, web conferencing allows business partners, co-workers, suppliers and customers to securely communicate and collaborate anytime, from anywhere.  Deliver products and services to customers faster and at the same time, reduce costs associated with calls, travel, training and third-party conferencing products.

Web conferencing delivers many business benefits by way of:

  • Improving employee productivity
  • Speeding business processes
  • Reducing costs

Solution Components

Many factors determine specific implementations, but Cisco Unified MeetingPlace may be easily incorporated into any existing Cisco Unified Communications network.  The diagram below shows an existing multi-site WAN with IP telephony support, where a single Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server has been deployed.


IP Phones Cisco Unified 7900 series IP phones provide voice communications over an IP network
Soft Phones Cisco IP Communicator is a software-based application that provides PCs with the functionality of IP phones
Call Processing Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the call-processing component located at the headquarters. This component manages calls amongst IP phones, media processing devices, VoIP gateways to the PSTN and multimedia applications
Router Device used to connect different networks and route traffic between them. Where call control and management are to be distributed among the sites, an integrated access router can be used as a voice gateway. The voice router has added support for a wide range of packet telephony-based voice interfaces, signaling protocols and applications in some cases
MCU Multipoint Control Unit. Device used to control multi-point video conferences
Gatekeeper Devices that provide call routing and call admission control in a distributed call processing environment
Cisco Unified MeetingPlace This is a Cisco Media Convergence Server (MCS) containing Cisco Unified MeetingPlace and other components as required. The required components will depend on the client environment, desired features and conference participants.



Some of the products that we utilise include;

  • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express (formally Cisco MeetingPlace Express)
  • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express VT
  • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace (formally Cisco MeetingPlace)
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Cisco Unified Videoconferencing
  • Cisco TelePresence
  • Cisco VT Advantage
  • Unified Personal Communicator



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