The Specializt suite of products and services are aimed at enabling companies unlock the true value from their IT systems and focus on their core business objectives. Regardless of industry and size, The Specializt can be trusted to demonstrate ways that businesses can use IT to enhance performance, protect assets and improve efficiencies in business processes.

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Voice & Data

Intertwined with a business’ ability to deliver products and services, is its ability to quickly and reliably communicate with its customers, associates, suppliers and staff.

Over the years, The Specializt has come across numerous clients who either:

  • are frustrated with the level of service received from their voice and data provider, or
  • have not been able to obtain the most value from their voice and data services.

Typically, the organization is unaware of the data services that would be more appropriate for their specific environment and requirements.

To answer these needs, The Specializt is now able to offer cost-effective, business-grade voice and data services. Numerous technologies are available including Ethernet, leased line, frame relay, DSL and ISDN. Backed by our experience and technical expertise, The Specializt solution consultants can structure designs that are specific to each client’s environment and requirements.