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The Specializt suite of products and services are aimed at enabling companies unlock the true value from their IT systems and focus on their core business objectives. Regardless of industry and size, The Specializt can be trusted to demonstrate ways that businesses can use IT to enhance performance, protect assets and improve efficiencies in business processes.

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Network Security

Security issues are so ubiquitous in today’s business systems that the systems need to be designed and built with security in mind. Whilst the benefits of utilising industry-leading products are apparent, the reality is that they also represent ideal targets for those with less-than malevolent intentions.

The Specializt, a Microsoft Certified Partner and Cisco Premier Partner with a specialty in security, virtual private networks (VPN) and firewalls, has the appropriate resources to assist clients design, implement and manage their security infrastructure.

Designing and implementing a 100% secure system can make it unusable for the very users it is designed to protect. Designing and building secure networks is a multi-layered activity. After continual improvement brought about by many designs and implementations, The Specializt has been able to identify the unique balance required between network security and user functionality. Typical activities performed are:

  • Penetration testing
  • Security audits
  • Implicitly defining and configuring allowed traffic on switches, routers, cisco firewalls and access points
  • Intrusion detection systems implementation
  • Implementing virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure remote-access
  • Hardening servers and other endpoints
  • Anti-virus, malware and adware application deployment
  • Automating the installation of system updates

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