The Specializt suite of products and services are aimed at enabling companies unlock the true value from their IT systems and focus on their core business objectives. Regardless of industry and size, The Specializt can be trusted to demonstrate ways that businesses can use IT to enhance performance, protect assets and improve efficiencies in business processes.

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Case Studies

With its headquarters located in Beaconsfield, Sydney, The Specializt is a wholly Australian owned company that has been operating since 2001. With a focus on providing specialist services in the design, deployment and maintenance of a few core, industry-leading products, The Specializt has achieved consistent organic growth to become the company that is today.

Under the leadership of managing director, Clive Flax, The Specializt has stayed on point regarding emerging client business needs and used developments in information technology to address these. Over the years, The Specializt has thus cultivated the expertise, facilities and vendor relationships to deliver services in the following areas: