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VoIP Call Centre

What is it?

The modern IP-based contact centre runs over an organisation’s converged voice and data network and facilitates the sophisticated handling of customer calls as well as other forms of customer communication such as, email, instant messaging and web collaboration.


The technology allows organisations to create virtual contact centres that span wide geographic areas, crosses multiple time zones and sophisticated handling functions, to ensure that the best agent available handles each customer enquiry promptly.

Cisco has a whole suite of products on offer to meet the demands of the modern contact centre and supports a number of sophisticated features which include the following:

  • Automatic call distribution
  • Priority queuing
  • Conditional routing based on real-time or programmable conditions
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Options to prompt and collect customer-entered information
  • Call transfer to any other number or service including voicemail
  • Integration with self-service applications that may use automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies
  • Integration with enterprise Websites for initiating features such as click-to-talk and real-time notification services for e-mail, fax, paging and other third-party services.
  • Customised historical reporting

How it can help your business

Cisco’s IP Contact Center suite of products and components offers measurable ROI in a number of ways as outlined below:

  • Improve efficiency
    • Provide premium responsiveness by matching the customer contact with the right resource the first time
    • Agents can respond from any location with a connection to the enterprise network
  • Reduce costs
    • Offer customers self-service applications
    • Lower costs associated with managing separate voice and data networks
  • Boost productivity
    • Provide flexible contact center operational profiles based on varying business needs
    • Extend service capabilities across the entire organisation
  • Enhance customer loyalty
    • Increase customer satisfaction by creating call handling tailored to different classes of, or individual customers
    • The customer can choose a contact method that is most appropriate or convenient to them

Solution Components

Web Conferencing is implemented on integrated voice, video and data networks and the myriad of applications and devices available on such networks, give way to a great variety of solution implementations.  , There are numerous IP telephony devices and applications available and a client-specific design will depend on many factors.  Given this, the diagram below has been provided to illustrate typical components of an IP telephony system.


IP Phones Cisco Unified 7900 series IP phones provide voice communications over an IP network
Soft Phones Cisco IP Communicator is a software-based application that provides PCs with the functionality of IP phones
Call Centre Server The Call Centre server runs on a Cisco Media Convergence Server which has been specifically designed to deliver all the advanced functionality of the Cisco IP Contact Centre Software
Router Device used to connect different networks and route traffic between them. Where call control and management are to be distributed among the sites, an integrated access router can be used as a voice gateway. The voice router has added support for a wide range of packet telephony-based voice interfaces, signaling protocols and applications in some cases
Call Centre Supervisors Call Center Supervisors monitor the Call Center Queues, Assist Agents with difficult callers and generate calls reports to ensure the Call Center runs smoothly
Call Centre Agents Call Center Agents take incoming calls which are assigned to them based on their skill levels and availability by the Media Call Center Server
Applications Any number of IP telephony applications such as call centre, web collaboration, mobility applications, tele- and video-conferencing
Gatekeeper Devices that provide call routing and call admission control in a distributed call processing environment


Customer contact solutions provide an open, strategic platform for extending customer care beyond simple phone transactions to content-rich, customer-centric experiences. Some of the products that we utilise include;

  • Cisco Unifed Contact Centre Express (UCCX)
    • Previously Cisco IP Contact Centre Express (IPCCX)
  • Cisco Unifed Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE)
  • Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP)
  • Cisco Unified Expert Advisor (UEA)



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